• Complete Hospital Management system for Super Specialty and Multi Specialty hospitals that allows them to manage OPD, IPD , Procedures and Finances through various departments. Allows them to manage resources and work with consulting practitioners on MARS network.
  • 360 Healthcare Cloud Technology Mobile First

Department management

    Setup multiple departments, department level access rules, billings and hospital resources. All for better and efficient operations and decision making.

OPD Management

    Most advanced OPD patient care module, built specially for practitioners but integrated into HMS system. Provides complete OPD billing, Case management, visit details management, electronic case referrals, Electronic lab order, electronic prescriptions and much more.

IPD Management

    Complete management of IPD including admissions, procedures and post operative care. Manage IPD billing by departments or resources. Track patients post discharge for better after care.

EMR/EHR Management

    Track all medical and health records throughout patient treatment, right from a mobile, tablet or computer. Provide mobile access to patients through MARS Health App.

Resource Management

    Setup hospital resources like consultation cabins, admission rooms, beds, Operation Theaters etc. View availability and reserve based on care needs.

Financial Management

    Manage billings for OPD, IPD, Labs and onsite Pharmacy. Setup users with different access levels to sensitive financial data. Provide Patients with access to all their bills via MARS Health app.

Electronic Mediclaim

    Manage case based treatments, including OPD visits, Investigations, prescriptions, admissions, Surgeries or post surgery care. Since billing is included at every level, submit electronic mediclaim with all required supporting information and bills.

Hospital Analytics

    Complete hospital analytics with access to different reports by departments, resources, doctors and everything else. Control operations better, manage efficiencies and make better care decisions.