• Mars Plus is a fully-integrated healthcare management system offering innovative solutions for everyone in the healthcare ecosystem. The Mars Plus platform is built around patients - to give more control in the hands of the patients. It connects patients, doctors, clinics, hospitals, laboratories and medical stores.
  • 360 Healthcare Cloud Technology Mobile First

Mars Plus for Practitioners

    It helps physicians better manage their practice through a single mobile-friendly system. With modules for patient management, billing management, finance management, referrals and multiple clinic management, Mars Plus makes it easy for doctors to manage all the aspects of their practice, ensure compliance, get more patient time, and offer better patient care.

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Mars Health for Patients

    A simple and easy to use mobile app, Mars Plus allows you to better manage your health - right from your mobile. You can use the app to manage your health records, search for doctors, hospitals or lab. You can also manage your prescriptions through the app. With all your health information stored right within the app, you don't need to carry the files and medical records every time you visit the doctor.

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Mars Lab for Labs

    Mars Labs offers solution for end-to-end lab management. With modules for patients, referrals, services, investigations and billing, Mars Labs helps laboratories ensure faster results, streamlined operations, and excellent customer service.

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Mars HMS for Hospitals

    The Mars HMS is designed to help large hospitals and nursing homes to bring in transformation in their hospital operations with state-of-the-art technology platform. It is a one-stop solution for all the hospital needs such as OPD, IPD, Department Management, Billing and Finance management, Mediclaim management and EMR/ EHR management. The strong Analytics module provides the hospitals crucial insights which can help them taking appropriate actions and improve the hospital operations.

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Mars Med for Medical Stores

    With Mars Med, medical stores can improve their operations and enhance the overall patient experience through effective inventory management and faster fulfillment. Mars Med also allows the medical stores to receive the prescriptions online and fulfill those automatically. With modules for store management, prescription management, and finance management, medical store owners can serve the patients more efficiently.

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